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Video recording & photography at the airport

A unique backdrop

Zurich Airport boasts fascinating scenery, award winning architecture and international flair. A truly unique backdrop for photographs and films. 

Aufnahmen Flughafen
Filming and photography at Zurich Airport

A film/photo shooting permit is required for all areas on the expanse of Zurich Airport, divided into the following areas:


Open to the general public, including:

  • Airport Shopping
  • Check-in areas
  • Arrival halls
  • THE CIRCLE / Park
  • Car parks

Restricted area after the security check, including:

  • Airside Centre
  • Gates
  • Tarmac
  • Luggage belts
Supervision by airport staff: Depending on the scope of the shooting and number of participants Supervision by airport staff: Mandatory


Permit procedure:

Register your film and/or photography request using the form “Application for filming and photographing on the expanse of Zurich Airport”. Please provide the following information in detail: 

  • Date
  • Time (starting and finishing times) 
    If several locations are required, please provide the screenplay, including timing and location. 
  • Location(s)
  • Purpose 
  • Contact person on site, including mobile number
  • Estimation of the amount of film and/or photography equipment 

Lodge your request by returning the completed application form to filmfoto@zurich-airport.com.
Your request will be answered as soon as possible, whether it has been granted or outlining any necessary changes. Zurich Airport reserves the right to decline your request for operational or safety reasons.
For airside shoots, a site inspection is possible prior to the event. 

Please consider:

  • Requests for photo shoots must be lodged no later than 3 weeks in advance.
  • Requests for film shoots must be lodged no later than 6 weeks in advance.
  • If additional airport partners are involved, a request must be lodged separately with each company. 
  • For shoots involving airport staff, their permission and that of the airport partner must be obtained.
  • Due to operational constraints, complex shoots for movies or advertising are not permitted in the airside area. 
  • Shoots that require a member of airport staff to be present cannot take place on weekends or during the night.