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Air quality

Air quality at Zurich Airport

Air quality is an important consideration and key focus at Zurich Airport.

Calculation and modelling

Emissions from all airport-related sources have been calculated for various pollutants since 1991.
Realistic concentration dispersions are calculated with state-of-the-art computer software (e.g. LASPORT). This also helps to assess the contribution of the airport to the total concentrations.
In addition, the air quality in the region, in particular nitrogen oxides, but also particulate matter and ozone, is measured by the Canton of Zurich's Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air. This shows that the pollution concentration is not higher than in other urban areas of Switzerland.


Measures to reduce pollutants

To further improve the quality of air, a variety of measures are being implemented by all partners at the airport. Their goal is to avoid and reduce emissions from flight operations, handling, infrastructure and landside traffic.
The aircraft emission charges introduced in 1997, fixed ground power systems, modern heating plants and public transport initiatives are key to achieving this.
Zurich Airport is considered a European leader in this environmental aspect.

Air quality at Zurich Airport (German)

Technical Reports

Flughafen Zurich AG has produced a large number of studies and reports which are available here.

Emissions Calculator for Airports

xls icon
Advanced Local Emissions Calculator for Airports (englisch) (xlsx, 0.78 MB)Emissions Calculator for Airports
pdf icon
Ultrafine Particle Measurements at Zurich Airport (pdf, 1.03 MB)Ultrafine Particle Measurements at Zurich Airport
pdf icon
Diesel Particle Filters for GPU (pdf, 1.30 MB)Diesel Particle Filters for GPU
pdf icon
Environmental Benefits of A-CDM (pdf, 0.22 MB)Environmental Beneftis of A-CDM at Zurich Airport
pdf icon
Advanced Aircraft Emission Modeling (pdf, 3.93 MB)Advanced Aircraft Emission Modeling
pdf icon
Zurich Airport Air Quality Sensitivities (pdf, 1.17 MB)Technical Report Airport Air Quality Sensitivities
pdf icon
Emission Reduction in Airside Traffic (German) (pdf, 0.70 MB)Emission Reduction in Airside Traffic
pdf icon
Fuel Dumping (pdf, 0.36 MB)Fuel Dumping
pdf icon
Aircraft Ground Handling Emissions (pdf, 0.89 MB)Technical Report Methodology and Emission Factors Zurich Airport
pdf icon
2010 Zurich LAQ Modelling Sensitivities (pdf, 1.56 MB)Sensitivities of Aircraft Operational Improvements
pdf icon
Zurich Airport Ground Energy Systems (pdf, 2.74 MB)Technical Report Aircraft Ground Energy Systems (englisch)
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Airport Local Air Quality (pdf, 1.70 MB)Zurich Airport Regional Air Quality Study 2013 (englisch)
pdf icon
Taxi-Emissions at Zurich Airport (pdf, 0.60 MB)Calculation Analysis and Opportunities


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ACI EUROPE Local Air Quality Study 2010 (pdf, 2.42 MB)Technical Report Local air quality assessments during the volcano eruption in Iceland in April 2010
pdf icon
Thrust Reverse Emissions (pdf, 0.17 MB)Technical Report Thrust Reverse Emissions
pdf icon
APU Emission Calculation Methodology (pdf, 0.47 MB)Technical Report APU Emission Calculation Methodology