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Our Partnerships

Flughafen Zürich AG works together with various industry associations and other supporting organisations.

The industry associations protect the interests of Swiss and German airports and also that of aviation and aerospace. Interest groups participate in votes concerning Zurich Airport. Please see the links for details of our main partners' fields of activity.

Landing at Zurich Airport

Trade associations

  • ACI – Airports Council International Europe

    The Airports Council International (ACI) is the worldwide association of airport operators. ACI EUROPE represents over 450 airports in 48 European countries. Its member airports handle 90 percent of commercial air traffic in Europe, welcoming over one billion passengers each year.

  • ADV – German Airports Association

    German airport association ADV was founded in Stuttgart in 1947. ADV acts as a representative for airports in Germany. Zurich, Geneva and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airports count among its associate members. ADV promotes Germany as a strong and competitive location for air traffic. Within this context, it supports all measures that enable expansion in line with the needs of the market, ensure optimum usage of existing capacity, support intermodality and environmental compatibility, and promote cost-effective approaches to air traffic.

  • AEROSUISSE – umbrella organisation of the Swiss aerospace industry

    Founded in 1968, AEROSUISSE preserves the interests of Swiss civil aerospace in its role as the industry’s umbrella organisation. Today, around 140 companies and organisations are members of AEROSUISSE.

  • SIAA – Swiss International Airports Association

    The SIAA was founded in Berne on 19 December 2000. Its goal is to preserve and promote the joint interests of Switzerland’s national airports. With this in mind, its priorities are the intensification of collaborative work and exchange of information, the utilisation of synergies, the protection of joint interests vis-à-vis customers, partners and authorities, and the fostering of relationships with national and international aviation organisations. Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Bern-Belp, Geneva, Lugano, St.Gallen-Altenrhein and Zurich airports are members. 
    Contact: +41 43 816 59 81

Supporting organisations

  • IG Flughafen Zürich

    IG Flughafen Zürich helps to defend Zurich Airport’s interests in popular referendums and, to the extent permitted by its finances, participates in the associated campaigns. It was established in 1990 as an association (Verein) under the Swiss Civil Code (Art. 60 ff.) and is financed entirely by members’ contributions. Its members enjoy numerous benefits in return.

  • Pro Flughafen

    Pro Flughafen has been dedicating itself to the interests of Zurich Airport for over 60 years. When the association came into being on 5 November 1943, a number of very foresighted people immediately spotted the huge opportunities this could bring for both Zurich and Switzerland as a whole. Over the past 60 years their vision has become a reality.

  • Weltoffenes Zürich

    Founded in 1968, the Weltoffenes Zürich committee promotes efforts and schemes that work in the interests of ensuring the city and canton of Zurich, and Switzerland as a whole, keep pace with the necessary economic developments of the times. This includes finding ways of overcoming the negative aspects of Switzerland’s landlocked location, as well as utilising resources that can help preserve and improve our quality of life.

Tourism companies

STF – Swiss Tourism Federation www.swisstourfed.ch
Switzerland Tourism www.myswitzerland.com
Zurich Tourism www.zuerich.com
Hotelleriesuisse www.hotelleriesuisse.ch

Industrial regulatory bodies

economiesuisse – Swiss Business Federation www.economiesuisse.ch
Switzerland Global Enterprise www.s-ge.com
Greater Zurich Area www.greaterzuricharea.com
Flughafenregion Zürich www.flughafenregion.ch
Zurich Chamber of Commerce www.zhk.ch
SME and Trade Association Canton Zurich
German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce www.handelskammer-d-ch.ch
Association of Swiss Companies in Germany www.vsud.ch

Freight and export companies

IG Air Cargo www.igaircargo.ch
swissexport www.swissexport.ch
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