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Flight paths

Below you will find some examples of different flight paths.

Examples of flight paths

Runway usage plans at Zurich Airport

The provisions of the operating regulations and the prevailing weather conditions determine which runway usage plan is used:

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Northern approach plan (German) (pdf, 0.31 MB)Document Northern approach plan
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Eastern approach plan (German) (pdf, 0.33 MB)Document Eastern approach plan
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Southern approach plan (German) (pdf, 0.47 MB)Document Southern approach plan

The following flight path images are based on possible take-offs and landings at Zurich Airport:

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Normal operation, weekday (German) (pdf, 0.32 MB)Document Normal operation, weekday
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Normal operation, weekend (German) (pdf, 0.29 MB)Document Normal operation, weekend
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Westerly wind day (German) (pdf, 0.37 MB)Document Westerly wind day
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North-easterly wind day (German) (pdf, 0.38 MB)Document North-easterly wind day