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Based on previous Swiss Federal Supreme Court rulings to date, two strategies are currently being followed:


The guidelines set out by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court apply when preparing compensation offers for eligible property owners as a result of formal expropriation. Owner-occupied properties which are subject to high levels of noise and which were purchased when the aircraft noise was not foreseeable are currently entitled to receive compensation. Flughafen Zurich AG will approach the relevant homeowners once an appropriate claim has been submitted and provided all the criteria have been met. The relevant work will initially be carried out in the municipalities of Opfikon and Kloten.


Unjustified claims for compensation will be rejected, and homeowners will be asked in writing to withdraw their claim. Should they fail to comply with this request, the Federal Assessments Commission may initiate proceedings in order to make a decision on any entitlement to compensation. Please note that in such cases, Flughafen Zürich AG will not be liable to cover any court or legal costs.

Any outstanding issues will be simultaneously clarified by the courts. This primarily involves pilot cases. The findings from these cases are then used to settle similar cases by means of either compensation or rejection.



The formal expropriation procedure is based on the  Swiss Federal Law on Expropriation. The first step is for the affected property owners to submit their claim for compensation to Flughafen Zürich AG.