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Political newsletter

Close link to Switzerland's political levels

Flughafen Zürich AG has been operating Zurich Airport under private law since 2000 and on the basis of a concession issued by the Confederation which runs until 2051.

With the Confederation as the licensor, Canton Zurich as the main shareholder of Flughafen Zürich AG, and five municipalities bordering the airport site, Flughafen Zürich AG is closely linked to Switzerland's various political levels. Furthermore, owing to its considerable economic importance for business but also the negative effects associated with airport operations for the general public, the airport assumes a special status.

The Political Newsletter informs political players, association representatives, business leaders and interested parties of topical airport issues and airport policy on a quarterly basis. Its main purpose is to highlight the complex relationships and dependencies between technology, business, politics and society.

Political Newsletter No. 33 (Winter 2016)

  • Editorial
  • Sectoral Aviation Plan (SAIP) for Zurich Airport
  • Swift implementation of revision 1+ to the Federal Aviation Act
  • Guest column: Barbara Gisi, Director Swiss Tourism Federation
  • Aviation Congress: Strong aviation – fundament of the Swiss economy
  • Airport glossary: Federal Aviation Act
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 33 (Winter 2016) (pdf, 3.08 MB)Political Newsletter No. 33 (Winter 2016)

Political Newsletter No. 32 (Autumn 2016):

  • Editorial
  • Ongoing investment in high-quality infrastructure
  • Safeguarding the long-term further development of the airport
  • Guest column: Carmen Walker Späh, Government councillor
  • Accessibility of Switzerland as a tourist destination
  • Environmental protection also a high priority during construction of «The Circle»
  • Airport glossary: Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP)
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 32 (Autumn 2016) (pdf, 2.55 MB)Political Newsletter No. 32 (Autumn 2016)

Political Newsletter No. 31 (Summer 2016):

  • Editorial
  • Overview of sound insulation measures undertaken by Flughafen Zürich AG
  • Swiss aviation policy report 2016 – prompt implementation essential
  • Guest column: Thomas Klühr, CEO Swiss International Air Lines
  • New section: airport-related terms
  • Flughafen Zürich AG also successful abroad
  • Airport glossary: Swiss aviation policy report
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 31 (Summer 2016) (pdf, 1.46 MB)Political Newsletter No. 31 (Summer 2016)

Political Newsletter No. 30 (Spring 2016):

  • Editorial
  • Guide to the night flight ban at Zurich Airport
  • Flughafen Zürich AG supports Switzerland's semi-professional political system
  • Guest column: Robert E. Gubler, Chairman of Forum Zürich
  • Active management of the route network
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 30 (Spring 2016) (pdf, 1.61 MB)Political Newsletter No. 30 (Spring 2016)

Political Newsletter No. 29 (Winter 2015):

  • Editorial
  • Clear political commitment to aviation needed
  • Charges at Zurich Airport: Many services plus high-maintenance infrastructure
  • The effort is worth it
  • Zurich Government Council recommends acceptance of popular initiative "Give people the vote on runway modifications!"
  • Transparent information for surrounding communities
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 29 (Winter 2015) (pdf, 2.32 MB)Political Newsletter No. 29 (Winter 2015)

Political Newsletter No. 28 (Autumn 2015):

  •   Editorial
  •  The federal government’s aviation strategy and legislative foundations
  •  International comparison of night flight regulations
  •  Guest coloumn: Daniel Küng, CEO Switzerland Global Enterprise
  •  Multi-level de-icer runoff treatment system
  •  Flughafen Zürich AG submits extended sound insulation programme
  •  Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 28 (Autumn 2015) (pdf, 1.61 MB)Political Newsletter No. 28 (Autumn 2015)

Political Newsletter No. 27 (Summer 2015):

  • Editorial
  • Competitiveness of Swiss aviation still at risk
  • New habitats created thanks to environmental compensation
  • Guest column: Regine Sauter, Zurich Chamber of Commerce
  • Popular initiative "Give people the vote on runway extensions" now successfully submitted
  • Demand-led development with coordinated spatial planning
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 27 (Summer 2015) (pdf, 1.44 MB)Political Newsletter No. 27 (Summer 2015)

Political Newsletter No. 26 (Spring 2015):

  • Editorial"The Circle": Creation of a service destination
  • What the Confederation's Aviation Policy Report must deliver
  • Ten arguments against "Airport Bashing"
  • Success for the initiative "Give people the vote on runway modifications" in the airport region
  • Flughafen Zürich AG continues to focus on solar energy
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 26 (Spring 2015) (pdf, 2.69 MB)Political Newsletter No. 26 (Spring 2015)

Political Newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2014):

  • Editorial
  • 2014 Operating Regulations
  • „Give people the vote on runway modifications” initiative
  • Our national airports are a key transport infrastructure
  • Bird strikes at Zurich Airport
  • Zurich Airport as a hub
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2014) (pdf, 2.32 MB)Political Newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2014)

Political Newsletter No. 24 (Autumn 2014)

  • Editorial
  • Extensive noise mitigation and sound insulation measures at Zurich Airport
  • Inauguration of noise protection hangar
  • Of technology and emotions
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of Swiss aviation
  • Positive trends in modal split
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 24 (Autumn 2014) (pdf, 1.85 MB)Political Newsletter No. 24 (Autumn 2014)

Political Newsletter No. 23 (Summer 2014)

  • Editorial
  • Energy supply at the airport – secure, economic and eco-friendly
  • New rules for goods imported by travellers
  • Swiss export industry needs a competitive air freight system
  • Zurich Airport: Outstanding public transport hub
  • Revision of aviation policy report
  • Traffic statistics

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Political Newsletter No. 23 (pdf, 1.92 MB)Political Newsletter No. 23 (Summer 2014)
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