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Political newsletter

Latest news on politics that move Zurich Airport

Flughafen Zürich AG operates Zurich Airport under private law, based on a concession issued by the Confederation. In its political newsletter, it comments on current political issues in the focus of the airport.

Zurich Airport ranks among the most important traffic infrastructures of Switzerland. It connects the country to the most important metropolises of the world and thus fulfils a central economic mission. At the same time, it acts in an environment highly influenced by politics.

In addition to the aviation policy requirements of the federal government, political demands arise from the airport's spatial and environmental activities as well as its economic importance. Finally, the Canton Zurich’s Airport Act assigns the canton, as co-owner of Flughafen Zürich AG, the right to have a say in changes to the runway system and noise-related operational measures.

The Political Newsletter informs of the position of Flughafen Zürich AG regarding political issues and highlights the complex dependencies between airport operations, politics and society. The German edition “Politikbrief” is issued four times a year (to view the latest and previous editions, go to the German site). At least once a year, an extra version in English concentrates articles with an international focus:

Political Newsletter Year 2020

  • Editorial
  • Corona crisis:
    Interview with CEO Stephan Widrig
  • Guest article: Martin Bäumle, Member of the National Council of Switzerland
  • Revision of CO₂-Act:
    Air travel levy should promote CO₂-neutral air transport
  • Partnership with Synhelion SA:
    Flughafen Zürich AG promotes synthetic fuels

Political Newsletter Year 2018 (2)

  • Editorial
  • Unresolved capacity problem calls for political action
  • Guest article: Jürg Müller, President Board of Airline Representatives Switzerland
  • Flying blind – Lack of strategy in Swiss Aviation
  • Gateway to the professional world – Vocational training at Zurich Airport

Political Newsletter Year 2018 (1)

  • Editorial
  • Aviation policy report – implementation of measures
  • Forward-looking infrastructure planning
  • Going forward with a modernised terminal
  • The baggage system at Zurich Airport
  • Focus on sustainability at THE CIRCLE
  • Calibration flights guarantee the precision of navigation systems

Political Newsletter Year 2017

  • Editorial
  • Zurich Airport strengthens tourism and the economy
  • Attractiveness as business location at risk: stagnating accessibility
  • Night-time curfew at Zurich Airport
  • Less noise thanks to innovative noise protection hangar
  • Air transport agreement with the EU

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