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Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan

Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP) at Zurich Airport

The Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan is the long-term planning and coordination tool for the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). The plan establishes Zurich Airport’s long-term operational and infrastructural framework.

Air picture of the airport

The SAIP stipulates for Zurich Airport, among other things, that it should create conditions that will enable airlines to offer the best possible direct connections in Europe and to the major destinations worldwide, being able to compete with their rivals at other airports. Furthermore, Zurich Airport should establish prerequisites to enable one airline to operate a hub system.

Zurich Airport’s adjusted SAIP (SAIP2) was last set by the Federal Council in August 2017. In particular, measures aim to reduce the complexity of flight operations, thereby helping to increase the safety margin and improve punctuality. By ensuring current operating hours, the Federal Council made a strong commitment to hub operations at Zurich Airport. However, long-term development requirements for Zurich Airport did hardly receive any attention in the SAIP.

Based on the SAIP approved by the federal government, Flughafen Zürich AG has drawn up the Operating Regulations 2017 (not yet in force) and submitted them to the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) for approval.