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Extension of car park 6 south

The extension to car park 6 south was built to replace car park 5.

Extension P6 south

The project involved extending the existing car park 6 to the south by adding a total of four rows of parking spaces (Comfort Class B) to each level, providing some 1,300 parking spaces. The existing entrance was retained. Inside, the extension was connected to the existing circular ramp.

A new exit bridge was built to the south. Structurally, the extension is a composite steelwork/concrete assembly which is physically independent of the existing building, although the column grid was continued. The façade is clad with aluminium panels.

Four additional emergency exit staircases and four new lift systems were built. Smoke exhaust systems were added to extract smoke from the inner stairways. On the basement levels, ventilation/smoke exhaust systems and sprinklers also had to be installed.


Converted space (SIA 416): 147,716 m³
New-build area: 45,509 m²
Length x width: 101m x 35m
Number of floors: 12
Building investments:  CHF 46 Mio.
Construction start: February 2011
Operational start: - Phase 1: August 2013 (8 floors)
- Phase 2/completion: July 2014
Parking spaces: New 1,300 / total 4,016

Involved Parties

Lead designer + engineer:  Dr. Deuring + Oehninger AG, Winterthur
Architect: Stutz + Bolt + Partner Architekten AG, Winterthur
Building Services O. Spalinger, plumbing design, Baden
Medinstplan AG, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing, Nussbaumen
A-Projekt AG, electrical design, Adetswil
AFC Air Flow Consulting AG, fire safety design, Zürich
Enz & Partner GmbH, traffic planner, Zürich