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Link corridor

Underground level link corridor

The link corridor was created in response to the introduction of the Schengen Agreement at Zurich Airport. At underground level, it links the existing Passport Control Hall with the new „Grüezi“ (Bus Arrival) in the finger-type Dock B.

Link corridor Dock B

Materiality and colour scheme are modelled on the existing fabric. Viewed from the tarmac, at the point where the escalators emerge from below ground, the building exterior reads as an unassuming, neutrally designed, single-storey structure. On the inside, however, the entry into the underworld of the airport is signalled by changes of lighting and material. Below ground, concrete, glass and generally hard materials predominate. Further on, a semi-transparent facade shrouded in iridescent textiles heralds the transition to the bustling environment of Dock B.

Cubic content (SIA 416): 5,450 m3 corridor, 3,800 m3 Grüezi B
Altered area (Grüezi): 627 m2
New-build corridor area: 646 m2
Investment volume: CHF 15 million
Start on site: February 2008
Operational start: 8'000 m3
Concrete: 1,875 m3, equivalent to 4,500 t
Excavation: 8,000 m3
Granite: 12 t
Steel quantity (conc. reinf.): 2,200 m3
Steel quantity (steelwork): 12 t
Grüezi roof area: 200 m2
Corridor length: 81 m
Corridor width: 8 m
Design team: Generalplaner CH Architekten AG, Volketswil
Basler & Hofmann AG, Zürich
Bürgin & Keller AG, Adliswil
ahochn AG, Dübendorf