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Redesign curbside lanes

In order to meet exacting quality requirements and to guarantee the continued functionality of its infrastructure, Flughafen Zürich AG refurbishes and redesigns the curbside lanes along the terminals on both Levels.

The most striking element is a new canopy along the front of the terminals on the departure level, which covers all the lanes. The area in front of Terminal 2 was fully extended by around 70 metres with a bridge structure, while the arrivals level was enhanced by a canopy design, along with the resurfacing and outdoor elements. The new traffic routing system transformed the parking spaces on the departure level into drop-off zones, although premium parking is still available on the arrivals level. The pricing structure was also brought into line with the new requirements. Barrier systems were erected at the entrances and exits to all the lanes.
The project also saw the construction of a roof over the pedestrian walkway that leads directly from the terminals to car park P6.


Area of new building: 16,000 m2
Length x width: 350 m x 25 m 
Building investments: CHF 51 million 
Construction start:  May 2013
Operational start: June 2016

Involved Partners

Overall project management: dsp Ingenieure & Planer AG, Greifensee
Architect: Burckhardt + Partner AG, Zurich
Bridge construction: dsp Ingenieure & Planer AG, Greifensee 
Road construction: F. Preisig AG, Zurich
Roofing: Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG, Zurich