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Echo North stands

New stands

From 2015 SWISS International Air Lines will be gradually replacing its current AVRO RJ 100 (Jumbolino) fleet with new Bombardier CS 100 aircraft. The new aircraft have a larger wingspan than the Jumbolinos.

Since the constricted space on the apron to the south of runway 10-28 will not accommodate the same number of stands for the new aircraft type, the zone to the north of Dock E was selected for these replacements.

Expansion Plan Echo Nord Stands


Compared with the current fleet of AVRO RJ 100 Jumbolinos, the wingspan of the new Bombardier CS 100 series aircraft is approximately 9 m longer. The existing stands to the north of Dock A can therefore no longer accommodate the same number of aircraft. To compensate for this loss, new stands were built to the north of Dock E. A total of 11 new aircraft parking spaces have been created, although simultaneous use will be restricted due to some overlapping

Use for passenger handling:

  • 3 Code C, full (e.g. Airbus 321)
  • 4 Code C, reduced (e.g. Airbus 320)

Use for temporary parking:

  • 2 Code E (e.g. Airbus 340-600)
  • 2 Code F (e.g. Airbus A380-800), but not simultaneously

A new taxiway was also built to access these aircraft stands, along with further areas for aircraft and passenger handling activities. The aircraft stands are equipped with underground refuelling facilities and ground power units. A new power substation was required for supplying ground power plus stand and taxiway lighting.

Aerial view Stands Echo Nord