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Terminal 2 upgrade

Terminal 2 Upgrade – renovations during operations

The Terminal 2 upgrade comprised a series of alteration measures designed to improve passenger convenience and optimise operations. Building services, structural elements and fire prevention systems have been updated to modern standards, and the appearance of the building has been improved.

The new Terminal 2 (German)

To avoid disruption to passenger flows and the associated services, the scheme was split into several construction phases for implementation between August 2010 and April 2017. Two preparatory sub-projects were singled out for execution prior to commencement of the main works. The first of these was launched in August 2010 and ran until March 2011. This project included works in the Baggage Claim and Arrival 2 areas. In the second sub-project, a new customs control facility and additional retail spaces on Level 0 were completed by mid-2012. On Level 1, the landside retail outlets were upgraded, and a temporary check-in counter was installed. The building services installations also underwent extensive alteration and renewal.

The main project works commenced in 2012. In an initial main phase the south end of the building was expanded to include a new axis, and the south check-in area was restructured and renewed. The building envelope, building services and fire prevention systems were also completely renewed. In the subsequent second construction phase the north check-in area and the associated building envelope were replaced as of March 2015. The temporary facilities provided during this period ensured that check-in operations proceeded as smoothly as possible. The final third construction phase concentrated on the installation of the new prayer room, completion of the back office areas, the baggage claim hall (local unloading point) and refurbishment of the west facade. The comprehensive upgrade means that Terminal 2 is now ready for another thirty years of operation at Zurich Airport.


Converted space (SIA 416): 295,000 m3
Altered area:  61,200 m2
Building investments:  CHF 230 million
Check-in desks:  104
Construction start: August 2010
Operational start of phase 1: March 2015
Operational start of phase 2: October 2016
End of construction: April 2017

Involved Partners

General planner: PG2 Terminal 2 design consortium, Zurich
Spühler Partner Architekten AG, Zurich
Munz Architekten AG, Zurich
STB Bauingenieure GmbH, Zurich
Zürcher Elektroplanungen AG, St. Gallen
PGMM Schweiz AG, Winterthur

Impressions new Terminal 2

Outer shell

Check-in 2 row 1

Check-in 2 Reihe 1
Walkway Terminal 2

Zweite Passerelle
Meeters & Greeters

Zollausgang Ankunft 2
Curbside lanes

Check-in hall

Check-in Halle

Fahrsteig Check-in


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