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Completed construction projects

The Circle Hauptplatz

The Circle

Construction work on the Circle took five years, and by the end of 2020 the time had come: the new district at Zurich Airport was opened.

The Circle and adjacent park are directly linked to the airport terminals and also offer a quality external ambience and a quality address that is one-of-a-kind at any airport in the world. The range of uses at the Circle are an ideal complement to the existing offering at Zurich Airport. The Circle is a venue for work, shop and spend time, a venue for medical services, congresses, events and, with the two Hyatt Hotels, a venue for people from the vicinity, for tourists and business travellers. The culinary offering at the Circle and the adjacent park also enhance the new district at Zurich Airport.

Stands in Zone West

Flughafen Zürich AG sees Zone West, the largest remaining development area for aviation, as an apron and hangar space at Zurich Airport.

Ultimately, a highly flexible apron will be created, which will be bordered to the south and west by development areas for buildings.

Redesign of curbside lane

In order to meet exacting quality requirements and to guarantee the continued functionality of its infrastructure, Flughafen Zürich AG has refurbished the curbside lanes along the terminals on both levels.

The existing curbside lane bridge in the Terminal 2 area were extended. In addition to the renewal of the zones and traffic lane surfaces, a new, centralised taxi loading zone was created between the terminals.

Terminal 2 upgrade

Terminal 2 opened in 1975 and is an integral part of Zurich Airport's core infrastructure.

In addition to the main check-in hall on Level 2, Terminal 2 is also home to Arrival 2 as well as various retail outlets and offices. Following more than three decades at the heart of flight operations, Flughafen Zürich AG launched an extensive building upgrade project in 2010.

P6 east expansion

Flughafen Zürich AG has build more parking facilities at the airport.

Thus creating the facilities required to handle the expected increase in passengers over the next 10 years on the land side too.

Expansion of Delta stands

This project entailed construction work between the south apron and runway 16/34. It also included the construction of a substitute area for handling infrastructure (unit load device stacker and container warehouse) in the Cheibenwinkel area (former shooting stand).

In order to upgrade the existing Delta stands to full-fledged code E stands, the stand depth had to be expanded from the current 63 m to 78 m.

New Stands Echo North

SWISS is replacing its AVRO RJ 100 fleet with new Bombardier CS 100 aircraft. Therefore the new stands at Dock E are compensating the loss of stand space caused by the aircraft's larger wingspan.

Since the constricted space on the apron to the south of runway 10-28 will not accommodate the same number of stands for the new aircraft type, the zone to the north of Dock E was selected for these replacements.

Waste water from de-icing

Flughafen Zürich AG uses a globally unique sprinkler system to treat waste water from de-icing operations. Following a five-year pilot project, the systems are to be developed to achieve an even higher level of treatment.

Extension of car park 6 south

The extension to car park 6 was built as a replacement for car park 5. The project involved extending car park 6 to the south by adding a total of four rows of parking spaces (Comfort Class B) on all floors, providing some 1,300 parking spaces.

Complete renovation

Runway 14-32 was commissioned in 1976. It was designed to have a service life of 30 years. Owing to the heavy use of the main landing runway and the long period of use, the pavement on runway 14-32 was so badly damaged that complete replacement was ncessary.

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Noise protection hangar

Zurich Airport is home to compa-nies that service, maintain and repair aircraft and engines.

For the duration of the instruction work, Flughafen Zürich AG is providing a temporary, U-shaped run-up pen on the hangar apron that is open at the top.


The VIP Service at Zurich Airport intends to become established as a premium service in the future. It should appeal to travellers who do not have much time and have above-average requirements in terms of comfort and discretion.

The primary aim here is to provide support for passengers across the various VIP processes, including the lounge and an expanded range of services.

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Security check

The security check points have been centralised and are housed in a new building. This new building simplifies the routes for departing passengers.

Dock B

Dock B

Dock B has been upgraded and has once again been used as a finger dock since 2011. This allows for the flexible handling of Schengen/non-Schengen flights.

Bus Gate South

The Bus Gate South facility, which opened in 2008, offers ten additional gates on two levels for passenger handling.

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Freight dispatch hall

The new dispatch facility meets the needs of the forwarding agents.

Link corridor

The corridor links the passport control hall with the new „Grüezi" at finger dock B.

Passport control

The passport control hall connects the Airside Center with Docks E and B.

Jost corner

The passageway between Airport Shopping and Terminal 1 has been upgraded.