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Redesign curbside lanes

Redesign of departure & arrival curbside lanes

In order to meet exacting quality requirements and to guarantee the continued functionality of its infrastructure, Flughafen Zürich AG refurbishes and redesigns the curbside lanes along the terminals on both levels.

The primary goal is to reduce tailbacks and to achieve a uniform, contemporary appearance of the curbside lanes. The traffic lanes, pedestrian areas and parking spaces will be adapted as part of these measures, and traffic will be controlled by a new management system with barriers and a routing system.

The existing curbside lane bridge in the Terminal 2 area will also be extended. In addition to the renewal of the zones and traffic lane surfaces, a new, centralised taxi loading zone will be created between the terminals. A new roof-frame construction – 340 metres in length – will be created above the departure level. The roof-frame construction will greatly improve the overall experience. A master lighting concept will improve the space and make it easier for people to find their way on both levels.

As part of the project, Terminal 1 will be linked to car park P6 by a new covered pedestrian walkway, and the bicycle/motorbike parking spaces will be centralised at the airport.