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Stands in Zone West

Start of construction on the first two stands in Zone West

Flughafen Zürich AG sees Zone West, the largest remaining development area for aviation, as an apron and hangar space at Zurich Airport. Ultimately, a highly flexible apron will be created, which will be bordered to the south and west by development areas for buildings.

In line with the need for stands, Zone West will be developed in stages. Two stands for aircraft up to code E (e.g. Boeing 777) will be built in the first stage of the approved construction phase 1. The stands will be developed by extending the Romeo taxiway to the north with direct access to the Lima taxiway. The infrastructure required for operation, such as roads, utility supply lines and lighting, will enable safe and optimum use. Rain water will be drained into the Glatt via a new pipe that still has to be laid.

To the west of the bike and skater paths, which have been moved, a raised viewing area will be built with an improved view of the airport. The directly adjacent new "Heli Grill" can be used as a dining facility.

Construction is set to commence on 4 July 2016. Extensive excavation work will be the first step. By the time the airport fence is moved in early 2017, the first components for the new stands will have been built. Operation of the existing "Heli Grill" is secured until mid-October 2016. The "Heli Grill" in its new location and the new viewing area will be available from spring 2017. Phase 1.2 is set to be completed in around four years' time, based on the current plans.