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ZONE A – Baggage sorting system (GSA)

The baggage sorting system is a central infrastructure for passenger handling at Zurich Airport. The system is being comprehensively renewed and expanded as, among other things, key parts will soon reach the end of their useful life. 

Conzept Baggage sorting system

The GSA is being renewed and expanded for the following reasons: on the one hand, key parts of the system will soon reach the end of their useful life and will have to be replaced. Moreover, the existing systems for security checks on checked baggage will have to be replaced in future in line with new EU regulations. In addition, the existing GSA will reach the limit of its capacity in a few years’ time owing to current traffic trends. 

The entire project includes a new building to increase the capacity of the existing, the replacement of many current parts of the extensive baggage sorting system and a larger early baggage storage facility to enable more flexible handling of the baggage sorting system. The new building will be constructed in a central location and will replace two buildings between Terminal 1 and the current core of the GSA. In addition, a large number of transport routes and systems throughout Zurich Airport will be renewed – from Check-in 3 in the south to Dock E in the north. 

Construction began in 2017 and the first major technical replacement step began in the fall of 2019 with the replacement of the previous baggage transport system (the so-called "Bagtrax" system) in the approximately 500-meter-long composite baggage tunnel that runs under the airport head. The handover of the newly constructed building took place at the turn of the year 2020/2021. The expansion phase for the GSA system technology will continue until the first commissioning in 2022. 

Flughafen Zürich AG is investing CHF 400 million francs of its own funds in modernising and expanding the baggage sorting system. The construction project will take place in several stages. The last expansion steps will take place depending on the expected passenger development until approx. 2028.




Investments: CHF 400 million
Construction start: February 2018

Project part civil engineering

Civil engineering planner:
AFRY Schweiz AG, Zurich

Project part structural engineering

General construction contractor:
Steiger Concept AG, Zürich / Tequipe Plus AG, Gals
Construction Management:
ARGE pgcc (Caretta + Weidmann und Confirm Baumanagement AG), Zürich
Construction engineer:  JägerPartner AG, Zurich
Building services: HLKKSE: Tequipe Plus AG, Gals
Construction: Confirm AG, Zurich
Fire prevention: BDS Security Design AG, Bern 
Client's representative: Beta Projekt Management AG, Zurich

Project part structural engineering

General construction contractor:
Dreicon AG Architekten, Zurich
Demmel Bauleitungen, Wagen
Building services: Iten Haustechnik, Dübendorf 
Electrical planning: Zürcher Elektroplanungen AG, St. Gallen 
Fire prevention: Gruner AG Brandschutz, Zurich

Project part technology

Baggage sorting system technology:
ARGE Leonardo / motion06, Rom (IT) / Lengau (AT)