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Management team

Management team

The management crew is made up of representatives of all four divisions and the four staff units Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Public Affairs and Legal & Environment. These units report directly to the CEO.

The company is structured in four divisions – Aviation, Commercial, Real Estate and Finance –which perform the following tasks:


All the tasks required for ensuring safe, efficient and high-quality flight operations are grouped together here. These include all the services provided for passengers in the departure, arrival and transfer areas, coordinating stand allocation and guidance of aircraft on apron, as well as safety and security. Airport Steering – the central steering committee – ensures that operations run smoothly. The division is responsible for all freight-related activities and, together with Aviation Development & Statistics, constitutes the interface to customers and airlines. It also ensures the development of aviation infrastructures and procedures. Master planning and the Regulatory Affairs & Noise department are also part of the Aviation division.

Aviation Leadership Team


The Commercial division is responsible for supporting the retail centres, and for landside traffic and marketing. The division organises attractive airside and landside shopping, catering and services, and operates the second-largest shopping centre in Switzerland in terms of sales. Other tasks include overall responsibility for the parking and mobility services and the landside accessibility and the overarching marketing and branding of the airport.

Commercial Leadership Team

Real Estate

The Real Estate division is responsible for the development and construction and for the commercial, technical and infrastructure-related management of all buildings and related facilities at Zurich Airport. Its portfolio ranges from the terminal buildings, office centres, logistics and hangar buildings to the new major project "The Circle". Other tasks include managing the technical systems necessary for flight operations and buildings.

Real Estate Leadership Team


The Finance division carries out business administration tasks and cross-divisional functions. The Treasury department is responsible for the group's liquidity and finances, while Investor Relations ensures high-quality financial communication. Furthermore, the Finance division is managing the international business development of Flughafen Zürich AG. Supply Management is also part of the Finance division and negotiates optimum purchasing conditions for capital goods and consumer goods. IT is responsible for all data processing and communication networking operations.

Finance Leadership Team

Staff units

The Human Resources, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs and Legal & Environment departments are staff units that report directly to CEO Stephan Widrig. 

Staff units Leadership Team