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Commitment to sustainability

We operate Zurich Airport on a sustainable basis of security, quality and efficiency by:

  • Creating long-term added value under the granted concession;
  • Reducing environmental impacts as good as possible;
  • Creating an attractive and safe Environment for customers, partners and employees
    and ensuring an open dialogue with our neighbors.


The elements of our sustainability strategy

We consider the following elements to be crucial to operating the Zurich airport sustainably and developing it:

1. Entrepreneurial added value and contributing to the economy

  • Value enhancement 
  • Generating cash flow 
  • Earnings power
  • Risk tolerance

2. Reducing the impact on the environment and improving environmental efficiency

  • Protecting resources
  • Reducing the impact on the environment 
  • Preserving natural spaces

3. Attractive environment for all stakeholders and dialogue with neighbours

  • Employee management including employer attractiveness, co-determination and a right to have a say, conserving marketability, and trainees/interns
  • Job security, operational security and safety
  • Stakeholder management and a dialogue with the public, media dialogue, political issues, dialogue with customers