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Parking for shopping & visitors

Your everyday shopping centre

The following lists show you where the available parking spaces are at all times at Zurich Airport as well as the up-to-date parking charges.

We recommend car parks 2 and 3 for a shopping tour in the Airport Center. Take advantage of discounted parking charges: if your shopping and/or dining bill is at least CHF 60 you can park for 3 hours for just CHF 3. Free parking spaces are available for motorbikes at various locations.

Parking rates

Available parking spaces

Sunday, April 23, 2017 11:55 AM
Description Total capacity Number of available spaces
Check-in 3 126 0
P 60 500 Online booking only
P1 1952 7
P2 2506 208
P3 1837 574
P6 7225 3622

The availability of individual parking spaces can change quickly due to an increase in demand. This can mean that when you arrive at Zurich Airport your desired car park is already full and you have to find an alternative.

Parking for taller vehicles

Parking spaces are available for vehicles which are taller than 2 metres. Please note the information in the document entitled.

  • Current parking rates

    Parking duration* P1, P2, P3, P6
    15min 2.00
    30min 4.00
    45min 5.00
    1hr 6.00
    2hr 9.00
    3hr 12.00
    4hr 15.00
    Each additional hour 3.00
    max. 1 day 48.00
    more than 24 hours see Travel

    *All prices in CHF incl. VAT. Payment can be made at the machines using cash (CHF, EUR), credit cards Maestro cards or Postcards. Prices subject to change.


Park for less

Take your time on your next shopping trip. If you  make purchases and/or have a restaurant bill of CHF 60.- in the Airport Center, you will pay just CHF 3.-, regardless of whether you park for 1 or 3 hours. Find out more

Motorbike parking spaces

Free motorbike parking spaces are available near Gate 101 and at various other locations (see map). The route to the parking area near Gate 101 is signposted and easy to find.