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Information about coronavirus

March, 30th - 14.00 a.m.

Flight operations are very limited. Please contact your airline for information regarding your flight or for current entry regulations. Access to the arrival 2 area is limited due to social distancing regulations. 

Effect on Fligtht Operations

Operations at Zurich Airport are very limited. Before commencing your journey, we recommend you contact the relevant airline for information regarding the status of your flight and entry regulations to the final and any transit destinations. Be aware that these may change at short notice. There are currently no health checks required for entry or departure.

Information for returning travellers regarding quarantine

The FOPH makes the following recommendations to people returning to Switzerland: 
All returnees are encouraged to read and follow the Federal Council's recommendations. The recommendations also include staying at home if possible, strictly observing the distance rules when going to work or shopping, and monitoring their state of health. If symptoms occur, any stay outside should be avoided. Anyone older than 65 years of age or with a previous illness should stay at home. Flyer FOPH

Measures to ensure compliance with social distancing 
At the airport, we attach great importance to ensuring that the instructions of the Federal Council regarding "social distancing" are respected. Various measures have been taken. Deboarding on long-haul flights is being slowed down so that there is sufficient distance between passengers and the waiting time for luggages is reduced. Long-haul flights will now be handled in Dock B whenever possible, so that transfers with the Skymetro are no longer necessary. All measures can be found in our media information

Information for all en route to pick up at Zurich Airport

Important information for all en route to pick up loved ones at Zurich Airport: Access to the arrival 2 area is limited due to social distancing regulations. Only ONE PICK-UP PERSON allowed per arriving passengers in the arrival area. Better than entering arrival 2: Stay outside, wait by the curb or in one of our parking areas. We are counting on your cooperation.

Parking: Current Parking Situation at Zurich Airport

Actual Information about the current parking situation: Read more
To make things easier for travellers, new tariffs on the «Arrival level» will apply until further notice. The first 15 minutes for bringer on the "Departure" level and the first ten minutes for pickup on the "Arrival" level are free of charge. The use of the car parks is generally recommended.

Temporary Closure of shops and restaurants

As a result of the latest directives issued by the Swiss Federal Council, the majority of shops and restaurants at Zurich Airport will be closed until at least April 19, 2020. Pharmacies, grocery stores, kiosks, take away restaurants, the Airport Medical Center, the post office, bank branches and telecommunication stores will remain open.

Left baggage service will close on April 1 until further notice. Baggage may be stored in the lockers without time limitation.

Recommendations for Travellers

Please check online about the entry and exit regulations: BAG
Depending on the destination, different regulations apply for entry, exit and transfer, which are dynamically adapted by all states. Please contact your airline or the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: EDA

Visitor Services & Events

The Observation Desk is currently closed. All bus and other tours are cancelled until at least April 19.  Further information is available here: Excursions at the Airport

Federal Office of Public Health Recommendations

The most effective measure to minimise the risk of spreading the virus is to follow the recommendations for hygiene and rules of conduct provided by the Federal Office of Public Health. Posters and flyers provided by the Office are visible and available at Zurich Airport. Hand disinfectant is provided at these information points.

The cleaning of heavily used surfaces such as handrails, door handles, toilets, shelves etc has been greatly intensified. Disinfectant dispensers are refilled regularly. As the supply of disinfectant is limited, we ask that you wash your hands as an alternative whenever possible. According to professionals, this is just as effective.

Federal Office of Public Health: Rules of Conduct and Hygiene

  • Keep your distance: for example, leave space between you and the person in front of you when standing in line and when near people at especially high risk.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue/handerchief or the crook of your arm. 
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Stay at home if you have a high temperature and a cough. 
  • Always call ahead before visiting a doctor or the emergency department.