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Journey to and from the airport

Passengers with reduced mobility

Parking at Zurich Airport is made easier for people with reduced mobility in a number of ways. Assistance is available when arriving/departing by train, bus or taxi.

By car

Passengers and visitors with reduced mobility, who hold a disabled parking card, can benefit from the following park facilitation for their arrival and departure by car.

Individual drop-offs and pick-ups of persons with limited mobility
For short transfer times and dropping off/picking up passengers more quickly, we recommend using Check-in zones 1 & 2 on the upper-level curbside lane (Departures) or Arrival 1 & 2 on the lower-level curbside lane (Arrivals). You can obtain an access card for this zone upon presentation of a valid disabled parking permit at the information desk in Check-in 2 or in Arrival 1 or 2. This access card enables an extended parking duration of 45 minutes (instead of 5 minutes). After 45 minutes, the usual rate applies (CHF 1 per minute). Designated parking spaces for wheelchair users are available in both curbside lanes (Check-in 1 & 2 and Arrival 1 & 2). The access card must be inserted at the pay station after inserting your entry ticket.

You can also obtain access cards at the pick-up points for passengers with limited mobility in Check-in 1 & 2, if these passengers are being dropped off or picked up at the airport (assistance from Zurich Airport AG). In this case, it is not necessary to present a valid disabled parking permit. These cards are used in the same way as the cards available from the information desk.

Regular departures and pick-ups of disabled people
For both curbside lanes on departure level, as well as for the outer curbside lane Arrival 1 & 2, electronic parking permits can be applied for free (Documents: Request for Curbside Lane Permit (German)). This permit entitles the holder to park free of charge, for 45 minutes in the named lanes. Parking time in excess of 45 minutes is charged at the usual rate.

Parking in special parking spaces in the car parks
If you plan to stay at the airport for more than 45 minutes, we recommend you to park your car in one of the car parks. There you find specially designated parking lots for people with reduced mobility. They are located next to the lifts and charged at the regular parking rates. For use only by holders of a valid disabled parking permit.

Car Park Level Number of parking lots
Parking 1 Level 5 4
Parking 2 Entry Level (L.3) 12
Parking 3 Level 01 & Entry Level (L.3) 1 + 7
Parking 6 Level 0 15

By train

The connecting routes between Zurich Airport’s train station and the check-in/arrival halls are wheelchair accessible and covered. Lifts transport guests directly to the platforms and the routes are well-signposted and indicated with tactile markers for the visually impaired.
Right next to the train station in Check-in 3, there is a pick-up point (meeting point for disabled passengers) where you can call for assistance. When your train arrives, please ask the train staff to explain or show you where the pick-up point is located.

By bus

The bus station is located directly above Check-in 3. Routes are indicated with tactile markers for the visually impaired. Descend two levels to the pick-up point next to Check-in 3, where you can call for further assistance. 

By taxi

Taxis will take you directly to the check-in halls or wait for you outside the arrival halls. 

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