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Entry requirements and border control

Entry requirements and border control

Find out in advance about the requirements for entering Switzerland or the requirements for Swiss citizens travelling to other countries. For minors not accompanied by their parents, particular recommendations apply. Find the information you need here.

Border control

Entry of foreign nationals into Switzerland

Entry requirements can vary significantly depending on the traveller's country of origin. Binding information can be obtained from the State Secretariat for Migration SEM. More information here.

Swiss citizens travelling abroad

Information on the entry requirements of your destination country can be obtained from your travel agent, in some cases from your airline, or from the consulate or embassy of your destination country. On the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), you can find the contact details for the consulates and embassies of foreign nations in Switzerland. More information here.

Entry and exit of unaccompanied minors or minors accompanied by persons who are not their parents or who do not have parental responsibility

At Zurich Airport border control, the protection of minors is a priority. There are various potential reasons for questioning by the police (e.g. suspicion of child abduction), therefore the Canton of Zurich police force recommends that minors carry with them a declaration of consent signed by the parents or the person with parental responsibility. This document should contain the personal details and telephone number of the above person or persons. Other information such as date of travel, destination, duration of stay and reason for travelling is also useful.

The Canton of Zurich police force does not have its own consent form, nor are there specific formal requirements in terms of how consent is to be given. The declaration of consent may also be made in the form of a letter.