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Swissport Tour

Swissport Tour – the path of a suitcase

Swissport Ground Services: Follow the path that the luggage takes, from sorting all the way to the aircraft.

Experience the many facets of ground handling.

Would you like to know what happens to your suitcase after it leaves the check-in counter? If so, this is the tour for you. The tour follows the luggage path from sorting to transportation to the aircraft itself and is accompanied by a tour guide with many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of behind the airport scenes.

Tour of Swissport Ground Services
The tour commences at Arrival 2 and visits the following areas:

  • Luggage Sorting System (distribution, detailed sorting and storage)
  • Luggage transport
  • A-Gate stands
  • Swissport Lost & Found
  • Arrivals 1 & 2

Please note: due to time restrictions, the tour does not visit Dock E.

Book a Swissport tour here

Information Phone +41 (0)43 816 21 56
1.5 hours
Deadline for bookings
6 weeks in advance
Minimum age Recommended age is 10 years or over
Number of participants
Up to 15 people
Price CHF
Up to 15 people (flat fee) 200.00