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Gifts & souvenirs

Women love gifts

What could be better than treating a loved one to a gift? Whether it's for a special occasion, as a token of thanks or simply to give pleasure, why not treat your wife, girlfriend or mother to something special.

Seductive scents

Our tax & duty free stores stock a large selection of perfumes and cosmetics at sensationally low prices, from the most popular Dior perfume to the latest seasonal fragrance from Guerlain.

Hot fashion

Treat your wife to the handbag she has always wanted. Or surprise her with an exquisite silk scarf. Women love fashionable clothes and accessories.

Lasting value

Delight the love of your life with an elegant watch or a charming necklace. Jewellery items are gifts that will last forever.

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Special gifts for special men

It's not always easy to find a perfect gift for a man. At Zurich Airport, you will find a host of original gift ideas for men, including cigars, wine and watches. We'll share our best ideas with you.

Exquisite gifts

Whether you choose a fine cigar or an exclusive red wine from our tax & duty free stores, the best Swiss chocolate from Lindt, or delicious Balik salmon from Caviar House, these exclusive delicacies are sure to provide a great deal of pleasure.

Lasting pleasure

Do you want your gift to remain a lasting memory for your loved one? If so, a classic watch from Zenith or a fountain pen from Montblanc are sure to give their owner new-found pleasure every day.

The perfect scent

Armani, Gaultier or Boss... Treat someone to the perfect scent. Our tax & duty free stores sell a large selection of the most well-known and exclusive perfume brands at sensationally low prices.

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Laughing child

See their little faces light up

Spread a little joy. Whether you're buying a gift for someone's birthday or simply to spread a little happiness, we have lots of different gift ideas for kids. Our gifts are unusual yet meaningful and age-appropriate.

Wooden carved play train

Real-life fairy tales

You can make children's dreams come true by returning home with Captain Sharky, Princess Lilyfee or Nintendo. Among our inspiring gift ideas are model aircraft kits and wooden toys. Children will always get excited over the right gift.

Different colored lollipops

Tasty treats

Sweets are a sure way to put a smile on a child's face. Nutella, Toblerone, Chupa Chups – it's hard to resist these tasty treats.

Playful yet stylish

Children like fashionable accessories too. Surprise your little cherubs with a cool T-shirt from the T-Shirt Gallery or a multi-coloured watch from the Swatch shop.

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Treat your loved ones to a piece of Switzerland. „Made in Switzerland“ stands for quality & precision. Souvenirs – be they chocolate, cheese or watches – are a reminder of a great holiday and are therefore the perfect gift to give yourself.

Sweet temptations

Exquisite pralines from Sprüngli and tasty chocolate bars from Lindt or Toblerone are the ultimate classic Swiss treat. Who better to represent Switzerland than the traditional Swiss chocolate manufacturers?

Precision on the wrist

Switzerland is known throughout the world for its watch manufacturers and is home to the world's most famous brands such as IWC, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Tissot, etc. Craftsmanship, innovation and precision are key to this success.

Precise craftsmanship

Music boxes, carved wooden objects, pottery and glassware, toys, embroidery, leather goods, bells. Swiss craftsmanship is as varied as the country itself.

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